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Home Inspections

Qualified Inspectors

Home inspections are performed by OPIS certified inspectors per the American Society of Home Inspectors Standards of Practice. Inspectors perform a thorough visual inspection of the property for major defects that may affect the habitability of the home. The scope of the inspection is limited to major deficiencies that affect the habitability of the home. Minor, routine maintenance and repair items not affecting the habitability of the home are not included in a standard whole house inspection. (Maintenance inspections are a separate service; please inquire with your local office.) The inspection is not a code or compliance inspection of any kind.

On-site Reports

The home inspection report is custom made on a laptop computer right there at the house during the inspection. Literally hundreds of digital photos are taken throughout the inspection documenting the condition of the house. Any photos deemed necessary to clarify any major defects found in the home will be included in the full-color report that is printed in our OPIS truck at the end of the inspection. Clients are encouraged to bring a blank CD with them to the inspection as the OPIS inspector will burn all of the pictures taken during the inspection as well as an electronic copy of the report onto the CD free of charge. If you are not able to attend the inspection, the report can be downloaded from our web-site. Please call your OPIS inspector to receive your account set-up information.

The home inspection report is broken down by the major systems of the house. The OPIS inspector will inspect the Exterior, Roof, Structural aspects, visible Insulation and Ventilation, electrical system, interior plumbing system, HVAC system, the Interior, and any Appliances that may be staying with the home. Make no mistake, OPIS inspectors will walk on all roofs that are reasonably safe to walk on and enter all attics and crawl spaces that allow reasonably safe access in order to perform a thorough inspection. Any areas of the house that cannot be accessed will be noted in the report.


The second page of the report is the Summary Page in which the OPIS inspector will summarize any major concerns that may affect the habitability of the house. These items will also discuss any further action that may be recommended by your OPIS inspector. Any suggestions or recommendations made by your OPIS inspector are for your knowledge and are only the opinion of the inspector. You have the responsibility to act on any of the information provided to you that you deem is in your best interest.