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Septic System Inspections

The on-site waste disposal system inspection is designed to provide the client with information about the condition of their septic system. This is a visual inspection of the septic tank and the leaching system.

There are numerous different kinds of septic systems in use today. Whether your system is an aerobic or anaerobic system, OPIS inspectors can thoroughly inspect the system for visible defects.

Information about your system will also be provided for you in the report which is generated at the time of the inspection. The report is created on a laptop computer right there at the house and the report is printed in the OPIS truck at the end of the inspection. The report can also be downloaded from our web-site or e-mailed. Fees are usually in the range of $75-$150 depending on if there are risers installed or depending on how much digging will have to be done to appropriately examine the tank.