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Termite Inspections

Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Inspection Reports are conducted by a licensed individual and a Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Inspection Report is issued right at the end of the inspection on-site.

These types of inspections are a visual inspection of readily accessible areas of the house. The scope of the inspection is to look for visible evidence of wood destroying insect infestation and for any visible evidence of any past treatment. If there are visible signs of infestation, an opinion of the inspector will be rendered as to whether the signs of infestation are active or inactive.

As a result of this inspection, the inspector may find wood that has been damaged by insects. Any damage noted should be considered only as evidence of current or previous infestation of wood destroying insects. The inspector�s training and experience do not qualify the inspector in damage evaluation or any other building construction technology and/or repair. Any evaluation of the structural soundness of the property must be addressed by a certified home inspector.