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Giving you peace of mind about your new home

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"I have worked with OPIS for about 23 years, they have never let me down, they’ve always been quick to the response, and produced work that is superior and trustworthy. My experience has both been personally and in business, and they have always stepped up. If I could give six stars I would."
Adam G., in Dayton, OH via Google
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Giving You Peace of Mind and Clarity About Your New Home

Most home buyers have questions about the house they are buying. A thorough inspection performed by OPIS gives you peace of mind and clarity about the new home you love.

So you have looked at a bunch of houses and you have finally found THE ONE! This is the one you are in LOVE with! And you make an offer on the house; it was the scariest thing you have ever done — and the seller accepted your offer! CONGRATS! Now what? We at OPIS know exactly how you feel — we have all been in your shoes! You are thinking you really want to make sure that this house is everything that it is supposed to be. You have so many different questions about it. As a matter of fact, you have so many things going through your head right now you almost don’t know which end is up. That is where friendly OPIS inspectors can help give you peace of mind and clarity by answering your questions after performing a thorough inspection of your new home.

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Whole House Inspections

A home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Before moving into a new home, or prior to selling your current one, it's important to have a home inspection to make sure that there is nothing that can have an effect on the habitability of it.

At OPIS, we provide thorough inspection services without doing any kind of nit-picking or scaring you about things that are small, normal maintenance items. We will give you a rounded perspective about the condition of the property that you are looking to buy or sell. With the information we provide to you, you can then decide to act upon any recommendations that we make if you wish to do so.

Qualified Inspectors


All home inspections are performed by an OPIS licensed inspector as per the American Society of Home Inspectors Standards of Practice. We will perform a thorough, visual inspection of the property for major defects that may affect the habitability of the home. The scope of the inspection is limited to major deficiencies that affect habitability. Please note that minor, routine maintenance and repair items not affecting habitability are not included in a standard whole house inspection.

on-site REports


Your home inspection report is custom composed on a laptop computer right there at the house during the inspection. Literally hundreds of digital photos are taken throughout the inspection documenting the condition of the house. Photos deemed necessary to clarify any major defects found in the home will be included in the full-color report.

The home inspection report is broken down by the major systems of the house. The OPIS inspector will inspect:

  • The exterior
  • Roof
  • Structural aspects
  • Visible insulation & ventilation
  • Electrical system
  • Interior plumbing system
  • HVAC system
  • The interior
  • Kitchen
  • Any appliances that may be staying with the home

Make no mistake, OPIS inspectors will walk on all roofs that are reasonably safe to walk on and enter all attics and crawl spaces that allow reasonably safe access in order to perform a thorough inspection. Any areas of the house that cannot be accessed will be noted in the report.

on-site REports


The second page of the report is the Summary Page in which the OPIS inspector will summarize any major concerns that may affect the habitability of the house. These items will also discuss any further action that may be recommended by your OPIS inspector. Any suggestions or recommendations made by your OPIS inspector are for your knowledge and are only the opinion of the inspector. You have the responsibility to act on any of the information provided to you that you deem is in your best interest.

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Fully Licensed

OPIS is licensed by the State of Ohio for home inspections and radon inspections. We are also licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to perform termite and wood destroying insect inspections.

"Of all the things I appreciated about this company (John Helmick, in particular), the best and most noted quality regarding their work was their attention to detail. I relaxed completely, knowing that nothing would be missed during their inspection. Their detailedness, along with the quality of their work and knowledge, led to a super-positive experience. I would recommend HIGHLY."
Mike S., in Dayton, OH via Google
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Termite Inspections

Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Inspection Reports are conducted by a licensed OPIS inspector in your home.

These types of inspections are a visual inspection of readily accessible areas of the house. The scope of the inspection is to look for visible evidence of wood destroying insect infestation and for any visible evidence of any past treatments. If there are visible signs of infestation, an opinion of the inspector will be rendered as to whether the signs of infestation are active or inactive.

As a result of this inspection, the inspector may find wood that has been damaged by insects. Any damage noted should be considered only as evidence of current or previous infestation of wood destroying insects. If your lender needs to have a structural inspection due to observed termite damage, OPIS inspectors can also perform that inspection for an additional fee - unless you have already paid for a whole house inspection, in which this letter will be provided for no additional charge.

"John and his team are awesome inspection professionals. They are thorough without being picky like so many other companies in their field can be. OPIS is the way to go for trustworthy inspection professionals on your new home purchase."
Lauren J., in Dayton, OH via Google
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Radon Inspections

Radon inspections are conducted by appropriately licensed / certified personnel. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. This is a gas that is a decomposition product of uranium inside of the earth that seeps out of the earth's crust and collects under concrete slab floors of houses or basements.

A radon inspection is conducted for at least a 46 hour time period with a continuous monitor to detect radon concentrations inside of the home. The radon monitor is placed in the lowest habitable level of the house. All of the windows, doors, whole-house fans, and ceiling fans must not be open or turned on during the time of the inspection and for 12 hours prior to the test. The test monitor has fool-proof electronics to detect any tampering during the test period.

The test results are an average of the radon measurement readings during the entire test period. These results can usually be emailed at the end of the last test day. Test fees range from $125 to $150.

Fully Insured

OPIS carries liability insurance so you can rest assured that your property is in good hands.

"This is my second time using this great organization! Very prompt, professional, excellent attention to detail, and thorough - enough said! Absolutely recommend to anyone in need of their services - I’ve used them for a home inspection (buying), a pre-home inspection (selling - FSBO), and a radon test."
Kelly N., in Dayton, OH via Facebook
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Septic System Inspections

The on-site waste disposal system inspection is designed to provide the client with information about the condition of their septic system. This is a visual inspection of the septic tank and the leaching system.

There are numerous different kinds of septic systems in use today. Whether your system is an aerobic or anaerobic system, OPIS inspectors can thoroughly inspect the system for visible defects.

Information about your system will also be emailed to you. Fees are usually in the range of $75-$150 depending on if there are risers installed or on how much digging will have to be done to appropriately examine the tank.

"Very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Great team of gentlemen who perform their inspections in a efficient and thorough manner."
Kevin W., in Dayton, OH via Google
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Well Inspection

Many different tests can be done on a private well to determine the quality of the water and the quantity of the water supply. The two most popular tests performed for residential housing is a well quality test for total coliform and e-coli and a well quantity test. The Well quality test measures total coliform and e-coli. This is a 24-hour test from an EPA certified laboratory. The well quantity test measures the amount of water supply. This test is run for 20 - 30 minutes. The results are in the units of gallons per minute.

"They have always been on top of things when it comes to the inspection. Also when they talk to the clients they give them advice and guidance for what to check and keep and eye for maintenance items, so it doesn’t cost you more later."
Pete A., in Dayton, OH via Facebook
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What other types of inspections do we perform?

About Us

About Ohio Property Inspection Services

At OPIS, our main focus is always you, our client. We want to ensure you are satisfied and have all of the information that you need to live a happy home life. We will never scare you or look to find minor faults that can easily be fixed. We are here to provide you an honest, thorough overview in order to ensure that you will be comfortable in your new home.

Our founder, John Helmick started this company doing specialty inspections such as lead-based paint inspections and mold inspections. He saw that there was a need for knowledgeable inspectors who need to know how to write a detailed and concise inspection report for homebuyers and property owners to document what is wrong with a home, without causing any confusion. That’s exactly what we do here at OPIS. But please, don’t just take it from us. Why not take a look at what our customers are saying about us right here from our verified reviews?